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Our fleet maintenance program keeps our vehicles running on the road each and every day.


We deliver a consistent level of mechanical performance that requires meticulous processes, reliable equipment, and skilled people committed to providing safe, efficient, on-time vehicles.

 We provide, every effort to make sure our busses are in the top level of care and maintenance programs. 

Our guidelines for successful maintenance are as follows: 

  • We make every repair in accordance with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) standards. This is the most cost-effective and efficient approach to assuring proper Bus operation.

  • Preventive maintenance is a priority. This continuous process improves the manner in which we can diagnose and address issues before they become more costly and detrimental to our level of service. 

  • The use of well-trained and skilled technicians leads to accurate problem diagnosis, reduced repair costs, and increased vehicle availability.

  • Complete and accurate maintenance records allow us to make rational, logical decisions regarding our vehicles and equipment. (available upon request)

  • We empower each employee with quality control responsibilities. This improves employee morale and productivity, increases their quality of work, reduces the occurrence of repeat repairs, and maximizes fleet and equipment availability.

  • Clearly stated performance standards establish shared quality expectations and serve as a guide for management oversight.

  • Tracking inventory by individual part and repair improves inventory management and historically based stock levels.

  • Last but not least: SAFETY IS OUR PRIORITY.

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