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Transportation Rules and Regulations

  • Our number one mission is to effectively and efficiently administer safety rules per DOT regulations. 

  • We take pride in making sure all our vehicles operating are equipped with: functioning lights, heaters, defrosters, Fire extinguisher, first aid kit, and reflective warning devices, like horn, and windshield wipers etc..

  • All our drivers are required to be tested for alcohol and controlled substances per federal regulations. We conduct a "controlled substances and alcohol testing" (CSAT) program that includes pre-employment testing, post-accident testing, random testing, and reasonable suspicion testing. 

  • SPAB (School Pupil Activity Bus) certificate authorizing drivers to transport students. 

  • SPAB drivers are required to complete 10 hours of annual classroom instruction or behind-the-wheel training each year.

  • The training consists of, but is not limited to, current laws and regulations, defensive driving, accident prevention, emergency procedures, and passenger loading and unloading. 

Bus Rules

  • Watch for the right sign from their driver to leave the bus.

  • Remain in your seats at all times as assigned.

  • Keep hands and objects to yourself, and inside the bus.

  • No fault language permitted.

  • NO use of gum, food, drink, candy, or tobacco.

  • NO pets, glass, flammables, or other dangerous objects.

  • NO skateboards, baseball bats, sport balls of any kind.

  • Do NOT distract or cause distraction of driver.

  • Music instrument and backpack must be in lap or under seat.

  • Follow instructions of the driver/assistant.

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